I can’t breathe. And I don’t know any jiu-jitsu. …Rats.

So sad to say goodbye to my fuzzy pajamas after the long holiday. 😦

Warmup. Already feeling slow. Rats. Then Andrew said that those of us competing needed 3 runs to everyone else’s 2. I ended up taking an extra lane out of the middle, because the “normal” people were too slow.

Then we were put in 3-man groups for round robin, 2-min rounds. Janet and Lauren. I thought at first that Andrew might have me stay in the entire time; I was willing, though I also knew that I was not ready. Thankfully, he had us do it normally, so I did get rounds to rest. But it was still awful — could not get a decent breath, headgear kept choking me, felt like I was gonna throw up. Lovely. And then I had absolutely zero freaking clue about what I was supposed to be doing! How does… What… Which… Frack. The good news is that I was not thinking that I needed to go easy on the ladies; I wanted to break things, but I did not have the mental and physical connection to make that happen.

Drilling: americana from side control. Good details in there to make it even better. Still nauseated during drilling, ugh.

Now my memory gets a little hazy…

Rolled next. I think this was 5-minute rounds, and everyone rolled. (That did happen at some point.) I was still with the ladies, with orders to go hard — and I wanted to, but my brain and body were still largely non-cooperative. Occasionally something resembling jiu-jitsu would pop out, but mostly it was replays of earlier, where I’d look at the fistful of gi and think, “Now what the heck do I do with this?”

We thought class was over after this, and Robert offered to roll with me. We’d only just started, though, when Justin called for those of us competing to get on the wall. 3 trips of whatever he called out. Frack. Look, I might be the last one, and it might not be pretty, but I finished.

Possibly the shark tank was after this. Or before. I don’t remember. A square each for those competing, and a fresh person every 2 minutes. Only 3 rounds, I think, though I was still feeling awful, unable to breathe, and lacking any jiu-jitsu. I heard the suggestions to “use your guard to slow them down!”, but I couldn’t conjure up what “guard” meant. (No, seriously: brain could not process that information.)

Then Josh, a purple belt who’s also competing this weekend, offered to roll. I didn’t have any energy to refuse him, so I guess that means I accept, heh. Not a full round, because neither of us was quite all there at that point. And there were again some spots that resembled jiu-jitsu. Can’t I just bottle up these parts and then use them when I need them?

And then I stopped moving — and then I realized how very much tired I was. But then took forever to fall asleep last night despite the ritual melatonin; I kept having jiu-jitsu dreams, in which I did really good things. The only problem with those is that my heart starts racing and I get really into it… and then I can’t sleep. Finally ended up using the nature sounds generator, and eventually fell asleep to the sound of waves crashing on a beach.


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