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La Land

on November 23, 2013

Is slightly better than LaLa Land. I was not just “playing the position” so much with Janet tonight; I put a little sauce on it all and got some sweeps, though I also let a lot of things go by because I had random thoughts of “hey, that might hurt her.” Still, it was much, much better than plain ol’ LaLa Land.

Rolling to warmup, 3-min rounds — so we did lots more of them to make up. Started with Janet, and we were both mostly just moving, though I did have a few “La” moments. One white belt in there who didn’t spazz terribly badly, but was still trying to accomplish his ends through brute force alone.

Drilled kimura from bottom half. It’s exactly like kimura from guard, only you have to get your bottom leg out and around first.

Drilled for a good while, then more rounds. Janet first, and this time there were only a few LaLa Land moments but quite a lot of La Land moments. Getting there! Then I rolled with Robert, and I was suddenly a submission-chasing, transitioning machine. Recognized the point at which I’d lost it, and went right on to the next attempt; dove on submission attempts right after passes; set up for my next move while still working on the first. Holy cats, who is this girl? Let’s keep her! Then with Jamie, and it’s like rolling with quicksand — he lets you set up however you want, he seems to lazily move a few of his limbs, and then you’re tied into some sort of pretzel. He gets you in positions that could never be duplicated and that take a few seconds to work out which limb has to go which way in order to extricate yourself after the tap. At one point I looked up to find my toes hovering right in front of my nose. Ohai, um, I guess is a good thing I am this flexible?

Couple of guys had questions for Justin after class, and it was as if they’d read my mind — they asked about some of the very things I’d been ruminating on. Good job, guys!

Oh, and we had Meerkatsu represented on the mats last night — a Heavenly Wristlock and a Gentle Ape were in attendance.


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