La Land Redux

I got my tail out of the warm covers today and hauled it off to Saturday Open Mat. Students are mostly gone from town, since next week is Thanksgiving and so they’re off. Class was all locals but one.

Ten-minute rounds. I think eight total; I rolled all but one, though on several my partner and I missed the first minute or two. Otherwise, though, rolled until I was exhausted — and then rolled one more time, with Tyler for a second time, for good measure.

The good: lots of attacking against the fellas. I had a series each against Robert and Tyler in which I was attacking like they stole my cookie — I mean, it was on. (Both of them give feedback in the form of happy grunts, lol, to let me know that what I did was good.) Some of the things Robert has been showing me, I was remembering and hitting. On the women, I was hitting sweeps frequently, and I also stuffed some of the hip-up sweeps that Janet likes to use. Fought a little harder overall. Oh, and Buddy called me a bully, tehe. 🙂

The meh: could not get the same attacking against the women. I would get good positions, but would not follow the submissions as much as I did against the guys. Or when I did try to go for the submission, I’d miss something important and obvious, i.e., trapping the arm when going for the armbar.

The bad: still didn’t follow up with submissions against the women. Let some sweeps go through from them that I should have stopped.

Overall, though, a good morning of training. As soon as I came home, I showered and put on my fuzzy pajamas. I intend to stay in them the rest of the day. Tired.

My teammates Robert and Kelly are getting married in two weeks. Before class this morning, Tyler was taking some wedding pictures of them in their gis.


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