Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013

Yeah, feeling Monday night for sure.

Warmup. Then partnered for specific sparring from half-guard, sweep vs. pass. Any time we do either the specific sparring from a position or timed rounds of drilling, I am always having my partner switch sides (when possible) or making sure that I do go to both sides. Sometimes they later announce that we should switch sides and do our “bad” side, so apparently most people are focusing only on their “good” side.

Then Justin asked Marcos: “Offense or defense?” Marcos chose defense (good man!), so we worked a sweep from half guard — which was doubly great, as Janet and I had just been talking after the specific sparring that we had both forgotten all sweeps from half guard. And we worked Justin’s favorite half guard sweep, which I always try and always foul up. The trick to it is to get them out of the way first and then to roll up. Aha!

Couple rolls to finish up. I am purposely rolling with either purple+ (because I get all MurderDeathKill with them, and so want to foster that mindset) or women (so I can try to keep that MDK mindset going with them). Open Mat after, and Janet asked to roll, which I was all about because *see previous note on rolling with women*. So of course I immediately smacked her in the mouth. Oops, no, not like that. For the entire roll minus one minute, I was still mostly “playing the position”; that last minute, though, I finally got my brain to engage properly. I was kind of spazzy and stupid, but I was at least thinking, “Get. That. Sweep. Now.”


3 thoughts on “Tuesday, Nov 19, 2013

  1. Drilling both sides is really smart. I usually tell my students to drill one side till it feels somewhat comfortable and then switch to the other side. Glad you’re doing it on your own. 🙂

  2. The perfect post to read tonight after our no-gi class. I was thinking during rolling tonight, “I need to work my left side more”…which after reading your post is definitely my ‘bad side’. 🙂

  3. One of the reasons I like to do both sides is because I can’t always dictate what an opponent or partner will do. Their “good” side might force me to my “bad” side, and so I need to know how to do things from there. I notice, too, that when I roll I tend to go to the “good” side when I can, and that I tend to get smashed when I’m playing on the “bad” side. I think of going to one side all the time like always playing your “A” game.

    Plus doing it on the “bad side” (aka, the “stupid side”) is like learning it all over again, lol, and makes me think through it. (Sometimes on the “good” side it feels too easy and natural, whereas it rarely does on the “bad”.) Also, sometimes my stupid side switches from right to left; I have gone through an entire class absolutely frustrated that I couldn’t get something, only to switch sides near the end and find out that I was on the wrong side the whole time. Doh!

    And finally, I think it just helps with overall body awareness and movement to get reps on the “bad” side, so you lose that “this feels so weird!” feeling. It might never be as good as the “good” side, but at least it isn’t a completely foreign place. 😛

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