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This barn is burned

on November 19, 2013

Barn-burner of a class. More accurately, leg-burner of a class.

Warmup. All the usual. Then partnered up for 5-min rounds of any guard break. Then a round of live rolling, starting/restarting in guard. Then 5-min rounds of standing guard breaks.

Then switched partners to roll again, but first do 10 standups with your partner hanging on. Leggies are deadsies. Then rolled another round.

5-min rounds of any half-guard pass. I forgot all half-guard passes, boo. Then 5-min round drilling one of the half-guard passes from last week with the choke. Another round of rolling, starting in the guard again.

At the end of that round, Andrew was promoted to brown belt.

Another round. Then — and I knew it was coming as soon as we did the partner squats earlier — gi drags. I could hardly stand afterwards. (Thankfully I could use Janet as my partner, who is my size. Otherwise, “could hardly” would have been “could not”.)

And then one more round. I set up several chokes but I had zero grip strength to hold the lapels and so had to give them up. Then my partner had to leave halfway through the round to go throw up. Lovely. But it was that kind of a class. Also, I might have gotten all of that wrong; I can’t remember terribly much right now. Except that it was a lot, and my legs hurt, and I’m tired even now.


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