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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda


on November 13, 2013

Um, were those snow flurries? Snow? In the first half of November? Not normal, dude, and so not cool. Gah.

With my Tuesday schedule (farm share pickup and grocery shopping), I end up having not enough time to go home before class (20 min each way, with traffic, so 40 min driving, leaving about 20 min at home, which to me isn’t enough to justify so much driving). So I go sit in my car at the academy and entertain myself while I wait for class. I wanted to work on my NaNoWriMo story last night, but the computer was being fussy and then the weather was so freakin’ cold that I finally gave up and went in. Got dressed for class in case Andrew needed some help with the kids’ class; he did eventually, so I was his grappling dummy and then helped one group of very easily distracted kids attempt to drill the move. (At least they were the smallest kids, so I could grab a hunk of gi apiece, hoist them back to center, and set them up. Heh.)

Our class began with a warmup. My quads still don’t like me, for some reason, and were trying to quit on me. Then partnered up to roll twice, once with our left hands tucked in our belts and once with the right. When my left hand was tucked, I forgot how to use my right hand. When my right hand was tucked, I forgot how to use my left hand. I kept trying to go to the side that was trapped. Gah!

Partnered up again to review half guard passes. Any pass, 5-min rounds. I was surprised that I knew so many ways to pass half guard (and that I could remember them all!). Ended up only repeating a couple towards the end, and immediately afterwards I thought of several more that I could have done. Huh.

Drilling reviewed the pass and then chokes from last night. I worked with one of the teens who hadn’t been there last night until he had to leave and then with blue belt Rob.

Couple rounds to finish up. With blue belt Rob, who I had rolled with one-armed earlier. Not that having two arms helped me much.

Then a round with an aggressive white belt, and I focused on keeping myself safe and, hopefully, demonstrating that I was not using force in response to his force and that his force was not accomplishing what he wanted. I even eventually started actually setting him up for the half guard pass from earlier; I’m not even sure exactly what I was seeing or feeling, but somehow I knew that he was not going to do it right, and I wanted him to see that. And/or wanted him to see that doing it right would work. I dunno. But I set him up for it a few times, and he did the initial grip-clearing bit just fine, and then he did some train-wreck of a non-pass. Not even sure what he was trying to do. I don’t know if I helped, but maybe one day he’ll notice these things.

Oh, goodness, Dragon’s Dogma — there’s always “just one more thing”, and then it’s midnight. Gah!!


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