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MurderDeathKill vs. LaLa Land

on November 12, 2013

Dragging all day. My brother introduced me to the Dragon’s Dogma game over the weekend, so that sucked up most of my time and kept me up way too late on Sunday night. (I’m also attempting NaNoWriMo this month, and DD has definitely put me behind. I’m far too easily distracted.)

Two women came in to watch class. I talked to them a little bit before class started. They were both dressed in shorts even though the weather was cold with a bitter wind, so I guessed that they actually wanted to try it. But no, they ended up just watching.

Short normal warmup, then many drills to continue warming up — pushups, triangles; partnered up for spin, spin, spin/back take. Then partnered for 5-min rounds of any guard break (one person; legs were burning after), then 5-min rounds of any mount escape. Then two rounds of rolling. I am a limp noodle with burning quads now kthanx.

Rolled the first round with one of the white belt women, so my brain went to LaLa Land. Then tried to roll hard with Janet, and I could have bursts — “gonna pass!” — but then would start “playing a position” — “gonna play half guard” — and would sputter out. I saw it but couldn’t do anything about it. Later with another white belt woman, back to LaLa Land. But then, rolling with Buddy, I was all MurderDeathKill!!. He even commented that I have been rolling harder/more aggressively/better/something, and I know I have been. (Even excluding when I choked him out last week.) But only with certain people, mostly purple belt males. Women & teens, LaLa Land. Advanced men, MDK. White & blue men, Caution, but purposeful; MDK if safe/appropriate; Survival if required. Women & teens, LaLa Land. Ugh.

Drilling was a half-guard pass that was all details and small things that make me squeal even though it was also kind of smashy. Like. Now if I could just remember not to hop through it…

Couple rounds to finish. White belt lady and then Buddy. LaLa Land. MDK. *le sigh*


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