Protect the football

I wasn’t enthusiastic about heading through the cold and wind to class, but I was packed and it’s on the schedule, so off I went.

Short warmup, then someone had a question about guillotines, so we worked on the basic guillotine from front headlock. (They were also mentioned in the context of half-guard, so that half-guard month could be preserved, lol.) Then more drilling guillotines from standing and from butterfly. Justin made a point that guillotines are really a one-handed choke, and that the choking hand should be held just like protecting the football. (The best part was that so many of the guys’ eyes lit up then and they all went “Ooooooooh” — looks like guillotines are now understood and will be employed.)

Couple rounds later. So out of sync in the first, with Janet, trying to warm up and get my brain engaged. But then the next three, my brain was *there* and it was almost on fire again. It did things. It made things happen. It couldn’t finish very well, but there were things happening.


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