A wild Thursday appears!

My big plans to get back to Friday morning classes died a quick death this morning when the floor was cold and the wind was howling outside the house. Reset alarm, crawl back under the covers, sleep.

But last night, I made my first foray back to Thursday evening class. The main reason is because I’m doing the US Grappling Submission Only in December, and we now have a # of classes/week requirement before doing a tournament. But the other reason is that I think I need another night of class each week; the 3 I do now isn’t quite enough.

(And the reason I’ve avoided Thursday nights for so long is because that used to be Meathead Night, because it was the first nogi class of the week. But I learned last night from one of the guys that that is no longer the case. Good. — It was, however, White Belt Night.)

Rolling to warm up. Even rolled with a new guy, who was neither very big nor very strong but was also trying very hard not to use either size or strength, so I hung out at his pace and just showed him some jiu-jitsu (and why it was not a good idea to turn his back on me. Angry Backpack!).

Drilling was escaping Lockdown. Easy peasy. But the funny thing is that, because Justin is so opposed to the idea of the Lockdown (since it locks down both them and you [and he has a better way to do it anyway]), I had to learn how to actually do Lockdown first so that my partner could drill. Every rep was me struggling to get it set up right so he could escape.

Then rounds of specific sparring from half guard, sweep/submit vs. pass. Failing your objective = 20 pushups. My shoulders hurt…

And then — the warmup! Ha. Conditioning at the end of class which is hilarious on nogi nights because the mat is drenched in sweat so everyone is carefully navigating the puddles and trying to not wipe out. More pushups to end (crap my shoulders hurt).

I didn’t hang around long because I fully intended to get up and go to class this morning. But that didn’t happen. I am, however, packed and ready for tonight. So there’s that.


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