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Jiu-jitsu is made of these

on November 2, 2013

I’d meant to get up and start training on Friday mornings yesterday, but between accidentally staying up reading late on Thursday (which I seem to be doing every night recently. Hrm…) and the storm that woke me up at least once an hour and the cold, cold floor, I opted for snuggling back under the covers.

Short warmup. Then partnered up to review the basic cut-through half guard pass from earlier in the week (which I thought we’d reviewed earlier in the week, but I’ve looked back over my notes for the last few weeks, and it’s not there. Apparently I’ve just done it so much that I assume I’ve done it recently. Heh.). New detail that I picked up — getting your hips outside of theirs (the underhook should keep you safe) — that should fix this pass for me… once I remember to start using it.

Then drilling the turning half guard pass. I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. Dang it. So many details that fix all the issues. And then three counters to the partner’s three most common responses. And one that was stupid simple and, so of course, brilliant — as they try to butterfly hook your trapped leg, turn your knee down. No more butterfly. I gaped. I squealed. I bounced around. It’s. So. Beautiful. These are the small things that are jiu-jitsu, the small details that are everything. Wow.

After drilling all 3 responses, we partnered up to drill them faster, with 5- and 3-minute rounds of your partner feeding you one of the three responses and you trying to counter in real-time. Hah, “real time”: She did that one, I should… I should… something, something — oh, that! I liked that mode of practicing, though.

Rolling afterward. Nothing terribly brilliant from me, though a few moments where I did what I meant to do. I kept thinking that I should practice the half-guard stuff from that night, so I pulled half-guard… and then realized that I was on the wrong end of the technique. Oops. At one point, Carl was dancing around on me and I had to ask him to stop. He pulled back, looked down, and said, “Oh. Heh.” My headgear had rotated so that I was looking out the earpiece. Yep. Need to tighten those straps up…


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