You are my sunshine

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A former training partner, Sundance, was in town over the weekend and last night. He’s interviewing for a position back here in town after being out in California at med school for a few years. It would be fantastic if he could get back here. (And he said his wife is training now, too, so more womens!)

Warmup. Oh, heavens, I’m exhausted, why?! Couple of rolls. I’m a pile of uselessness right now, ugh.

Drilling was Margarita’s half-guard pass. Then several rounds of specific sparring from half guard.

One of the things I’ve been doing recently from bottom half is getting a cross-collar grip and Pez-dispensing my partner’s head with my elbow to keep them at distance. So during those specific sparring rounds, I of course did that.

The second class started with — *drumroll please* — a half-guard pass against the cross-collar Pez-dispenser. Dang it, that’s my best move from there! Oh, well.

Couple of rounds to finish up, and all the upper belts kept absconding with Sundance. I finally pounced on him during Open Mat and dragged him away from the guys wanting to swap leglock tactics with him, at which point he proceeded to demonstrate that he can overhead sweep me by planting his feet under my jaw. And then everyone said, “That was cool! Do it again!” So he did, several times. And then finished with a wristlock. My humiliation is complete. (Not really — I was laughing the whole time, because it was all so ridiculous.)

One of my friends posted this video of the 2013 Worlds men’s black belt highlights the other day. The first time I watched it was either a nogi night or a day I don’t train, so of course by the end of the video I was itching to get my fingers in a lapel. I watched it again yesterday, though, and the only thought that kept going through my mind was, “Even black belts tap. Even black belts get their guard passed.” Huh.


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