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on October 26, 2013

Cold! Apparently Fall has taken a vacation this year and so we’ve gone straight to winter. Joy.

Short warmup, then a few rolls to continue. (I liked this — anyone who missed any part of the warmup had to do burpees during the first roll. Punishment and warmup in one.) One good roll with purple belt Rob, then two not-so-great with white belts. First white belt has apparently decided not to do jiu-jitsu and just wanted to play pattycake. He’d hand-fight a little, then try to leap past my guard. Or grab my ankles, and then try to leap past my guard. No engagement, nothing. Super boring. Second was one of the newer wrestlers; he actually engaged and tried to work. He’s probably going to be a decent training partner before too long.

Then a couple rounds specific sparring from half guard. Those were good. Seems I forget about going for the underhook a lot of times.

Drilling, then, was a half-guard pass, including details about getting that underhook. Heh.

Few rolls to finish up. Carl, Buddy, and Jamie. Lol, Jamie tied me up in some kind of pretzel that was so ridiculous that we both had to laugh. I’m not sure I could recreate that if I tried.


One response to “Pattycake

  1. evaunit002 says:

    Love your blog! Just wanted to mention: (IMHO) Beware of the opportunity under-hooking from half-guard bottom gives for Darce chokes from Top. Please, keep the posts coming! 🙂

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