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Half & half

on October 22, 2013

Apparently I missed the memo that last night was Fenom night: Kelly, Lauren, and Jen all had theirs on.

Class started with specific sparring, passing the guard. But these were also warmup rolls. So yes, pass/sweep, but also move to warmup. I thought about it too much and confused myself — am I supposed to be finishing? am I supposed to be working? — and had my intensity & technique all over the place. Meh.

There was one hilarious point when I was trying to pass Marcos’ guard (100lbs heavier, 2 feet taller [that’s seriously not much of an exaggeration], who thankfully knows that he’s that much bigger and, though a white belt, is careful not to break me): I’d tried to stand and he’d pulled my feet out from under me but hadn’t finished the sweep, so I’m sitting on my butt with my legs out in front and he’s still holding guard. I couldn’t get my knees turned back under me and was slightly concerned that if I did get halfway through, that he might move and something would happen to my compromised knees just with the size discrepancy alone. He sat up but didn’t want to just push me over (he does try very hard to use technique and not just size/strength), and I couldn’t get him back down, so we sat in that position for a while until Tim came over and teased us for “just hugging.”

(It was Marcos’ night for funny: during drilling, Andrew was drilling/talking with him and stopped Tim to mention that Marcos is Brazilian and speaks Portuguese. Marcos, deadpan: “Why would that matter? Is Brazil somehow important to this sport?”)

Drilling was a half-guard pass straight to choke. I think I’ve always tried to grab the near collar to finish, but in turns out that even a small bite on the lapel that you threaded around behind their head makes for a much deeper choke with less effort.

Then there were rounds and rounds and rounds. Mixed bag. Some things worked even more brilliantly than I could have planned. Other things, I have no idea what planet my brain was on, but it’s clearly one that has never heard of jiu-jitsu. Intensity and focus were everywhere from “I will take this arm home with me kthnxbai” to “here, let me sweep myself for you and giftwrap my arm.” Ah, well. Now, to just not make those same mistakes again…


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