Tuesday, Oct 8, 2013

Ow I still hurt. Neither legs nor back were not happy during the day. At least I could use the stairs.

Rolling to warmup. All very good ones. Andrew pointed out to me and Janet why we had both missed omoplatas on each other — and so then we drilled omoplatas off triangles. (Love when that happens.) And Justin showed grabbing with an overhand rather than underhand grip. Weird at first, but actually makes more mechanical sense.

Couple of rounds to finish off. I somehow mostly ended up with the big guys, though the big guys who know that they’re big guys and know that I’m not. So that works out. Also one guy who I do trust and like as a person but who has been spazzy, frantic, and very chunky-peanut-butter recently, and I haven’t looked forward to rolling with him. I hadn’t said anything yet because there’s been nothing concrete to point out; it’s mostly just been my “feeling” during rounds. But I was finally able to find a specific thing he was doing and point out the franticness (and ineffectiveness [for anything except adding bruises to me]) involved; he had done the same thing rolling with someone else earlier, so I could point to that as well. I hope that helped; I would like to enjoy rolling with him again, so I hope he calms down soon.

Surprise at work yesterday: apparently we hired a new guy, and he started yesterday morning. News to me.


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