Monday, Oct 7, 2013

Holy mackerel I hurt.

Short warmup. Then partnered for takedown practice. Two rounds, alternating (Jen and I did 2/side at a time), just dropping the level and getting in tight, with head-driving action. That became a round of actual blast double leg takedowns. (Class had to divide in half so we wouldn’t clunk heads. I think one of us went the whole round. Or maybe we alternated. I can’t remember. I do remember that I was doing them terribly; I knew they were wrong but couldn’t work out the fix, and we were supposed to be doing them quickly & “with some sauce”, so no time to ponder.) Then a final round of starting with a leg grabbed and trying to take them down while they resisted. (For those, one person went the whole time. Then we all sat out while the next group went. Did manage a few good ones on those.)

I landed hard several times, mostly on my lower back. By the end of the rounds, I was hurting there. My legs were pretty wasted, as well.

But, hey, now that we’re all warmed up, it’s time for the next class! Joy.

Armbar/triangle/armbar from guard, 5-min rounds for each person. Then a 3-min round, because some people had struggled with the transitions. My right hamstring in particular protested every time I tried to shift it from tense to relaxed. Then a 5-min speed round, as many reps as possible. I ended up with 27, which was about 20 more than my body really wanted to do (though that seemed to be around the average, so not as terrible as I’d thought).

Now I really hurt…

Justin announced Open Mat, and everyone sank gratefully to the mat and sat there for a few minutes before starting to roll. I just sat for a while and then went home. Ow.

A long soak in a hot Epsom salt bath, a session with a heating pad, and Tiger Balm helped my back enough for me to sleep, though I’m carrying the heating pad around with me today as well. (Dang it, forgot the Tiger Balm!) Legs feel heavy today, too. Tonight’s gonna be a fun class….


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