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Shoulder of Cake

on October 5, 2013

When most people eat cake, it goes straight to their hips and makes them fluffy & slow. When Andrew eats cake (his birthday was this week), it goes straight to his shoulder. And not to make it fluffy, no: to add to his pressure. Lovely.

Short warmup, then partnered for 5-min rounds of armbar from guard drills (much better than 7 minutes, but still long!), then another 3-min round because there were lots of new/newer guys who were having trouble. Then a 5-min round of armbar-to-triangle, which was of course punctuated with, “Your neck is so tiny!” between me and Janet.

Five rolling rounds. Janet said she wanted to push the pace, so I tried, but my brain & body were running at different speeds and couldn’t get anything synchronized. Did end up with two spazzy guys; the other ladies say they get good rolls with these two, but I have yet to; every round is them trying to outmuscle me, dig their elbows into my thighs, and crank my neck, with much tension and many knees & elbows to my face for good measure.

For the next class, we started with specific sparring rounds — escaping the back vs. holding it (I kept wanting to slide in the choke or transition to something else, both of which are my normal things from the back, but all we could do was hold them) and then escaping mount vs. hold/submissions. I’m still usually giving up that arm and then following them up as my “mount escape,” gah.


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