Tuesday, Oct 1, 2013

Wow, October already. How did that happen?

I made sure to pack a pre-workout/mini-meal/extra food yesterday, so hopefully I wouldn’t bonk in class again. Much better, though still not as good as it should be. Now it’s just semi-congealed Jell-O. (Ew…)

Rolling to warmup. Then drilled the same choke/armbar from last night. Janet and I went slowly, one rep to each side per set, because we knew how vicious that choke is. I feel as if I should use that initial setup more often just for that reason. Couple more rounds to finish up.

Janet and I sat around and talked for a few minutes after class. She had just rolled with the same guy I’d rolled with on Friday, and I asked her how he’d been. She’d had the same experience I did, which is good, as it means he’s on the right track. We both agreed that we have two priorities in class: (1) have fun learning jiu-jitsu and (2) don’t get hurt. So long as we can get that from a partner, we’ll seek them out to roll.


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