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Slogging through Jell-O

on October 1, 2013

My training partner Arkeif went up to the Nogi Pan Ams this last week and won his weight class. Whoot! He was finally able to put all his fight training this summer to work; he’s been training, but then guys keep backing out at the last minute or won’t take the fight at all.

Sunday evening, I got hit with The Exhaustion. Dunno what it’s from, but two hours before bed and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So I went to bed early and slept in Monday morning, but this was still apparently not enough sleep for my body. So sluggish all day, and things did not improve by class time. Thankfully the warmup was short and there was a new girl (yay!) to help, else I’m not sure that I would have made it quite to the end. Blerg, this sucks.

Two rounds of rolling to continue the warmup.

Drilling was a cross-collar choke to armbar setup. Janet and I worked with the new girl since she didn’t have a gi. That choke was ridiculously tight, and also I was operating with a low gag reflex: the smallest amount of pressure on my throat had me gagging. Lovely. At least the new girl didn’t seem scared off by all the noise I was making. I think she liked the part when she was just about to let go and I’d say, “Keep going — she’s making faces! Almost there!”

Three rounds to finish up class. Man, this is like trying to swim in Jell-O…

Went home, took a shower, watched my friends Lisa & Greg on a home improvement show, and then went straight to bed again. Very early again, slept in this morning, and am still completely bushed.

And the award for funniest web comic goes to: Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. Full of video game, action/adventure movie, and pop culture humor. I keep changing which one I link to because so many of them are hilarious. (Like this one.)


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