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Guess what you won? Burpees!

on September 25, 2013

First of all, where has Top Gear been all my life? Holy cats, this stuff is hilarious.

I didn’t want to be late, and I had lots of places to go, so of course I ended up being very, very early. Oh, well, at least I had a book.

When I did finally go in, Andrew and Jen were teaching the kids’ class. At some point they were doing short specific sparring rounds, and there was some chatter after a round. Then I heard Andrew say, “Everyone up! Stand up! I heard some of you saying that you ‘won’ that round. Do you know what you won? Burpees!” Then as the kids did their burpees, he reminded them that when they’re in class they’re there to learn with their training partners and not to “win”. (Now, can we get that same lecture in the adult classes? Andrew did walk around during our class and ask if any of us wanted to win something. Heh, no.)

Short warmup, then drilling my favorite/all-time guard break (stand to knee-up-the-middle) to pass. Still picked up more details that will make it better. Mwahahaha!

Couple of rolls, including a goodbye roll with Dmitri and we had, no kidding, our Best Roll Ever(TM). He’s leaving to start a new job up north. Dang it, guys gotta stop leaving! I’m losing all the good ones! In all rolls, I was pulling actual jiu-jitsu out from somewhere.


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