“How long does it take to count to 5?!”

Although it’s overcast and a bit chilly, the humidity is still hovering around 100%. It did rain this weekend, starting as we left for the football game and ending when we got home after triple overtime. (And it started pouring during overtime. Grand.) But this means that although it seems to be good training weather, it’s still actually really easy to overexert and overheat. Meh.

For some reason, traffic was absolutely terrible yesterday and getting across town took twice as long as usual, so it was one of those rare days in which I was late and scrambling to join the warmup. I was in such a rush that I didn’t even think about babying any injuries (though the left wrist let me know that it didn’t like sprawls), and so did my forward rolls correctly (instead of skipping them because of my shoulder or stopping them short to avoid tucking and rolling over the knee) and did backwards rolls to both sides & with the knee tuck. Didn’t even realize until after I’d done them. Wohoo!

Warmup continued with standing in guard. First, 10/side of standing with pulling your partner at least partially off the ground. I did 10 to one side and started on the other, then realized my legs needed a break or I would start dropping Jen on her head, so let her do hers and then finished mine. (Not that the “rest” was much of one, because my legs had to hold the guard so she could lift me. Doh.)

That moved on to 5/side standing to guard pass. Jen & I finished our 5/side, and then waited… and waited… and — “How long does it take to count to 5?!” No one else was finished, so we started doing a set of 1/side each while we waited.

Drilling was a half-back take to choke off that guard pass. I have a very small window of position that worked on this — if I got my hook in deep, then my shoulder wasn’t deep enough for the choke; if the choke was deep enough, then my hook was shallow. We did eventually get it mostly sorted out, but it was a fine line.

Rolling. There were just slightly too many people to fit safely on the mat (and many new spazzy white belts, so extra space-per-person is needed), so we rolled in shifts. Unexpected moments of actual jiu-jitsu in there. I noticed again that my knees and shoulders seemed to be doing quite well now; seems those forced two weeks off were good for me after all.


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