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Friday, Sept 20, 2013

on September 21, 2013

It’s a long week when there’s no jiu-jitsu to break up the monotony or release the frustration.

Small class. Short warmup, so I was glad that I pushed to finish two trips on most everything (didn’t on the second set of shoot/sprawl because I somehow jacked my wrist the other day, so landing on it was painful). Then a few rounds to continue warming up. Robert had us divide by weight class, over 160 (maybe 165) and then under. It was actually a class of mostly smaller guys; usually the midpoint would be higher. I still ended up with two guys I didn’t know, one white belt and one not, but at least they weren’t hugely larger. The white belt was tense and tried to hulk-smash, so I went on an active defense (that is, there were randomly sweeps and submission attacks in there — that’s new!) to show him that all that hulking doesn’t actually get him through my guard. Yay, frustration! The other has obviously trained before (blue belt, likely); there were moments when I saw that he could have smashed me into oblivion (places where the previous guy would have loved to be), but this guy paused, did not smash, and proceeded with the doing of the jiu-jitsu. Nice. Matt came in late, so got one final round with him.

Okay, now I’m tired.

Drilling was an alligator roll from front headlock, ending up in a D’Arce that turns the other way. I had one side that was all swoosh and done, and another that was just wildly out of position no matter how hard I tried. Eh. Drilling continued to Open Mat, but there weren’t many options for rolling and I was tired, so I headed home.


2 responses to “Friday, Sept 20, 2013

  1. thekillerj says:

    It’s weird how a technique can be smooth on one side and uncoordinated on the other. Drives me crazy! Have a good day.

    • leslie says:

      No kidding — especially when you can actually *see* and completely understand what the issue is and address it… and you still can’t get it fixed. My partner and I broke it down and found the issue (we were both having the same problem), but still just could not quite get it to work on the other side.

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