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Back to *cough* jiu-*hack*-jitsu

on September 17, 2013

Eh, close enough to recovery. I’m still on antibiotics, and there’s still some coughing, but I was tired enough of not training. The good news about two weeks off, though, is that my knee, shoulder, and other various injuries have had lots of time to rest. (Heh, Tim made a general joke last night about people who say they want to get good at jiu-jitsu but sit at home on the couch playing Playstation… and that’s what I’ve been doing for 2 weeks. Lol.)

Some changes while I was away: Will got his brown belt. Wednesday nights will now be only MMA/Muay Thai, so I’ll have to adjust my schedule accordingly; this week is already a bust, as I have other things scheduled already. Also tons of new guys (expected, actually, because both universities are back in session).

I had hoped for a regular Fundamentals class with lots of drilling, and then maybe sitting out for most of the second class. But, no, of course not.

Warmup imgonnadie. Underused muscles protested every movement. Only managed one run on most things.

Partnered up for warmup rolls. Managed two, then had to sit out one because the whole “breathing hard” thing was tickling my throat and causing coughing. Also, exhausted. Back in for the last round, though, with Tim. He let me try a choke, but my grips burned out very quickly. (Realized later that I should have turned my bottom hand over [thumb in, instead of fingers] because that would have given me better leverage and wouldn’t have required so much squeeze.)

My hips were operating independently of the rest of me, and not in a good way. Loose, floppy, stuck to the mat, and lagging behind everything else. Though there was still some “returner’s luck” showing up (you know, like beginner’s luck, but happens when you come back after a layoff and manage some amazing things that you didn’t know you could do).

Then we did a half drill/half rolling scenario — partner passes guard, and then you react & don’t let them establish side control, while they try to submit and/or advance position. It was… interesting, mostly because we were all trying to be good partners and were fuzzy on when, exactly, we were supposed to start resisting. Again I did two rounds and sat out the third to cough. But in the second half of the third round, Tim sent me in to work with Dmitri’s girlfriend; Dmitri had been working with her up to this point in class. (She seems like she’ll enjoy BJJ; she was already very physical and was using her legs & hips a lot.)

Then we did a round with our right hand tucked in our belts and then a round with our left tucked. Tim outlawed triangles for these, so of course my brain only wanted to do triangles. I continued to work with Dmitri’s girlfriend. She didn’t have a belt, but I told her to just keep using both hands.

After each round, there were 3 trips of one-handed gi drags. I took a moment for self-assessment and realized that I was really not going to be able to do those: my muscles were dancing like pop rocks in some places, my head was starting to hurt in the way that signals dehydration (although I had drained my water bottle already), and the cough was becoming more persistent.

Finally, during the last round of gi drags, Tim called out for 50 pushups, 50 situps, and 50 squats to finish. I started on those while the guys did their drags and still barely finished before they finished everything. The squats, especially, sapped any last bit of energy and hydration left in me. I refilled my water bottle and sat and drank it for a while before I felt recovered enough to drive home. (I did really well on packing for class after having not done it for 2 weeks, but I did forget to pack a protein recovery shake for afterwards. Probably the most important thing.)

Sore! Just by the time I got home. My abs!!! It’s nights like this that make me wish there weren’t any stairs in my house. I can already feel in my legs where I’m going to be sore tomorrow. Still, it feels good to move again.


2 responses to “Back to *cough* jiu-*hack*-jitsu

  1. airistar says:

    Ugh, that sounds really rough. How long is your drive home?

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