Friday, August 30, 2013

I went to see my chiropractor on Thursday evening; he’s one of my teammates, too, so it’s really easy to tell him where and how it hurts. So the neck/shoulder is feeling muuuch better, though still not entirely pain free.

Short warmup. I’m avoiding forward rolls right now because my right-side rolls are still completely broken and my brain hasn’t been able to figure that out, and I’m wary of doing left-side rolls because that’s the hurting shoulder.

Drilling was north/south kimura, which turned out to be a wonderful thing because it stretched out my neck/shoulder, lol. Just had to be careful not to let that shoulder get turned under when she did the other arm, but overall it was just a nice stretch in that area. And we drilled for a long time, so the neck/shoulder was feeling pretty darn good by the end.

Couple of rolls to finish up. Lauren, Janet, and then new-blue Milad. I’d rolled with him for the first time in a long while a few weeks ago, and had known then that he was very close to blue; then he got it last night during nogi class. Good stuff.


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