And then there were three…

TR was in class last night, and he also has his left arm tucked in to his belt. His came from his fight a few weeks ago.

More new guys tonight, including one transferring blue belt from Lynchburg. More new games to try out!

Big class on a Wednesday, finally; they’ve been silly small all summer.

Short warmup, then rolling. I feel like I’m a spazz with my arm tucked in, and I kept having ideas that required the use of that arm (e.g., bump sweep) or would catch myself trying to use my elbow as it stuck out. *le sigh* But I rolled mostly with purple belts, so they could handle the incompetence of me with one arm — even when Buddy and Will were also rolling one-armed. Lol, I tried to take John’s back once since he set me up for it, but ended up falling down spectacularly because my body had automatically gone for something that required a left hand to stabilize. He was concerned that I’d hurt myself, as I’d fallen with a big thud!, but no, am just silly.

Drilling was the armbar defense/pass/choke from Monday.


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