One-arm vs. one-arm

Ugh, the worst — although we have two conference rooms at work, both of which are large enough, they’ve decided instead to start having their Skype meetings in the main office space, right in front of my desk. So I get the “pleasure” of sitting in on very loud meetings (because the microphone isn’t great, so they all shout to be heard, and then the volume on the computer is cranked up so they can hear the other guys). And for some reason they have a bouncy ball and are continually bouncing it during the meeting.

Today I took a book to the reception area and read while they had their meeting.

Shoulder/neck did decently over the weekend; it let me pull all the weeds on Saturday morning and then paint the deck in the afternoon. But by yesterday it was not my friend anymore. Still, I went to class anyway because of course.

Classes began at the universities yesterday, so there will be lots of new folks over the next few weeks. New girl visiting last night, just watching, so I played ambassador again before class. Later I also re-assured her that the hacking and coughing while we were drilling chokes was completely normal. Heh.

Warmup, eh. Knee actually let me do better on side-to-sides, and bear crawls were okay with the shoulder, but many of the down-the-mat drills were not shoulder-friendly. I did air squats instead.

Drilling started with an armbar defense to pass. Then added going straight to a double-collar choke off the pass. That choke was vicious, and there was much, much coughing. But it was actually okay on my shoulder/neck.

Second class started with a continuation of the takedown series that started last week. First working just getting in, then to a surprise single leg. Got a better understanding of the physics of finishing the single leg, as this one doesn’t let you just sling them down.

Shoulder/neck did not like this at all, neither the gripping standing nor being taken down. Meh. Also minor lightheadedness with all the up/down. Meh.

Rolling after. I tucked my left arm into my belt. First roll with Travis, who also has an issue with his left arm and so has been tucking an arm into his belt for a few weeks. He’s much better at rolling one-armed than I am. Second roll with Buddy, and he decided to also roll one-armed, just because. He also purposely picked his right arm, to make it more difficult for himself. After, he mock-complained that without his right arm and without triangles, he didn’t have much.

Shoulder on ice after class. Pain today. Meh. If this keeps up, I may have to actually do something about it…


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