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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Zeroth energy, squared

on August 22, 2013

Not cool, man, not cool. Despite purposely eating as many sweet potatoes as possible, as well as other good food, and taking an Epsom salt bath Tuesday night, my energy tank was still completely empty.

Rolling to warmup. Very quickly evident to me that I was zapped again. But I did hit one sweep that was kind of brilliant: as I was defending a pass, it just suddenly seemed obvious that if I grabbed here and there and hipped out that way, that there would be a fairly dramatic sweep. And there was indeed, though I had little energy to follow it up as I ought. (Now, exactly what I did, I have no idea. I did attempt to recreate it in later rolls — to try to figure out where my partner had been and what I had done — but the perfect storm of events never rematerialized. Or at least I never recognized it again.)

Drilling was going from bottom half to an escape that ended with an inverted armbar. Just out, in, boom, submission. Inverted armbars make so much more sense ever since Tim pointed out that if their elbow isn’t pointed in the right direction (i.e., up), that you can move it first…

A slight lightheadedness accompanied me through all of drilling. I was fine when I was staying in the same position (on top or on the bottom), but as soon as I had to switch positions, ugh, move slowly.

Couple more rounds to finish up, even though that was probably not the smartest decision on my part. Though one of those rounds was with John, the new purple belt from Leo Dalla who’s down here at vet school. I like exploring new games.

I think on Friday, someone tweaked my neck; this has translated, days later, into a horrible pain on the top of my left shoulder and crawling towards my neck. By the end of class last night, that shoulder was hurting so badly that I could hardly get changed from my gi. Tim did a little bit of work on it after class so that I could drive home last night (!), and I iced & Tiger Balmed then and again this morning. I finally had to take ibuprofen so that I could get dressed this morning. Ugh. Well, time for the time-honored tradition of ignoring it and hoping it gets better on its own… after another round of ibuprofen, that is, because pain.

Usually our guys leave in the spring, after they graduate from college. This year, we’ve had several who stayed for the summer but are leaving now. Guillaume left just a few weeks ago. Steve recently moved to Richmond & VCU. He also created an awesome painting for the academy that now hangs near the mats.

Will, one of my absolute favorite training partners over the last 5 years, is now Dr. Chilly Willy. He defended for his PhD on Monday. Congrats, Will! The sad part, though, is that this means he’s going to be leaving us very soon — September soon — for a post-doc in Chapel Hill. So all you folks down in RTP, get ready: you’re about to get a great guy down there.


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