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Zeroth energy

on August 20, 2013

I dunno, it’s like I got zapped by an anti-energy ray. Absolutely nothing. Whew. Likely didn’t eat/sleep well enough over the weekend, and it caught up with me in class last night.

Warmup. Jogging and down-the-mat drills. Already kind of feeling my muscles depleted. Then partnered up to drill a takedown for 10 minutes, back & forth; then armbar from guard 5/side for 10 minutes. Towards the end, I could muster enough energy to make it through about 3/side, then the last 2 were a struggle. Then same takedown + going straight in to baseball choke for 10 minutes; then armbar from guard + sweep to mount for 10 minutes. Started getting light-headed during the takedown part. Ugh.

(I took 3 glucose tabs throughout the drilling. I know the real issue is low electrolytes rather than low sugar, but they do still help at least keep my brain going while my body is being silly.)

Rolling after. I got in my 3 rounds, though I felt like a sack of potatoes. Sheesh, even minimal movement on my part. My brain, all hyped on glucose now, would say, “Hey, let’s go for X,” and my body would respond, “Meh.” So mostly defense and survival.

As I walked out after class, my calves cramped up. M’kay, definitely electrolytes. Need to fix this nao pls.


2 responses to “Zeroth energy

  1. Leslie – nice post. I had a similar experience last night. Got my first hamstring cramp in the middle of a roll. Electrolytes, eh? I definitely need to work on hydration prior to training. -Kris

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