She’s got legs…

…and she knows how to use them. (Triangle, armbar, omoplata…)

That song came on during rolling last night, and that was what went through my head.

Hey, summer, where did you go? Please to come back now. We’ve got some weird cold spell going on right now. No like.

My foot seems fine now. Good.

Rolling to warmup. I felt less stupid than usual, which is nice. I did some things that I meant to do. And even one I didn’t — hit a side-control to side-control transition on Robert that made both of us stop and say, “Whoa! What was that?! That was awesome!” Kind of a half roll switch thingy, maybe? (Weirdly, I’ve found myself going for something like that several times in the last few weeks; I don’t think I’ve ever seen it anywhere [maybe from Justin, as it’s something that he would enjoy doing], but my brain has apparently decided if I move my foot here and then maybe turn like this that… oh, hey, look: side control on the other side! If I try to do it, I can’t figure it out; but in the middle of a roll, my body just kind of does it sometimes. Next step: learn what it is, then learn to do it on purpose…)

Drilling was a half-guard to deep-half sweep that was completely contrary to the way I normally play both half-guard and deep-half, so it took quite a bit of thinking to get through.

Open Mat started with rolling. An odd number, so I sat out (and debated rolling again; my knee felt completely fine, but I still don’t want to do too much, too fast, so I’m trying to be smart. Doesn’t always happen, but I sometimes remember). Then just before I started out on the mat to claim a partner for the next round, Tim gave me a look and nodded towards the front door: a girl had walked in and was watching class. I was appointed ambassador 😉

Turns out she has trained Muay Thai & some BJJ before and had been walking past the academy for a few weeks debating if she should come in. She won’t be able to come back again for a few weeks, probably when college classes start up, but I hope she will.


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