Jiu-jitsu therapy sessions

Sometimes, life is stressful and crappy. Sometimes, jiu-jitsu provides the exact right therapy for it. Last night was one of those nights.

Short warmup, then partnered up for back mount escapes. First round to continue warming up; could only turn in to the guard while the other person could choke. Second round, a little more from both sides; third round, even more. Then partnered up to drill an armbar from the back, with lots of details of locking down the shoulder. (Me likey.)

Tim announced a water break and said we’d start rolling after, so I grabbed water and then went to grab a partner. Haven’t rolled with Buddy in a while, so went for him while everyone else was still getting water. He started goofing around by flattening out and giving me his back, which I willingly took. Then he started to stand and then jump and then flatten back out. Er, wha…? Ooooh, he’s doing burpees. With me on his back. Lol.

Not knowing what was going on at first, though, I had my hooks in with toes pointing down to the mat, and he sprawled right on top of my foot as it was perpendicular to the ground. Owie. Big toe hurt, though later the pain crawled up to the top of my foot. I iced it when I got home, and it hurts a whole lot less this morning. No visible bruises, either, and not painful to touch. (Of course, the best part is that it’s on my left foot. And my right knee was complaining a bit after so much back mount work. So I was hobbling on both legs last night.) But I’m going to follow the time-honored tradition of how to deal with injuries in BJJ — ignore it and hope it goes away. 😉

Rounds next. Too many people to roll all at once, so half sat out each time. With Buddy first, and he kept me moving fast. No time to think, just to react. And somewhere in there I found myself smiling and having a grand time in the midst of it all. Also, apparently guillotines are Buddy’s new triangle. Then a round with Tyler. Finally a round with Tim, and somehow the earlier round with Tyler had reminded me of his post yesterday, and so I was trying this pass then that pass then this other and trying especially to not settle back into Tim’s guard between. (Weird that that info didn’t surface until after I’d rolled with Tyler. Heh.)

By the end of the night, I was feeling much better. The stress shut up long enough to get a good class in, and then I was too tired to listen to it when it tried to talk to me again. Now, if I could just keep rolling all the time, maybe it would shut up permanently…

I had enough caffeine yesterday that my eyeballs were twitching in class last night.


One thought on “Jiu-jitsu therapy sessions

  1. I love the effect jiujitsu has on my stress level. I haven’t rolled at all this week, and I’m going nuts. I’ve told everybody all about the effect jiujitsu has on stress. Sounds like I need to take my own advice. Thanks for the reminder, and I like your blog.

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