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I think I finally learned how to do a double-leg

on August 10, 2013

Thursday night, the muscle just below my right shoulder blade started hurting/aching. So I put a heating pad on it, then Tiger Balm, and finally took an Epsom salt bath. Woke up in the morning, and did the heating pad, Tiger Balm, tennis ball treatment again. Somewhere in the middle of the day, the muscle started twitching — moved on to a lacrosse ball. Lots of Tiger Balm before class. By then, everything from that muscle up through my neck was stiff. Ugh. But I went to class anyway, because I was hoping that getting loosened up and warm would help it.

Yesterday, hot and humid. Short warmup. Then drilling — tilt double-leg. Justin broke it down, detailed, into points, into physics, and into body mechanics, and I think my brain finally put all the pieces together. I at least felt a whole lot better drilling it. And, bonus, even though my right leg was the “push” leg, the knee did not hurt. Nice.

First he had us practice with our partner standing on a four-corner mat intersection. Our foot needed to land somewhere close to the intersection when we shot. My partner and I stayed with that scheme for the entire time, even after we stopped actually looking down for that spot. Very helpful, though, for getting your brain trained. Also, for starting distance, be close enough to punch them in the face. (Starting distance should always be the same, no matter who you’re facing, because it’s relative to your leg length.) Shoulder on shooting side stays over shoulder on shooting knee the whole time (otherwise you’re reaching forward or leaning back). Hands up, coming around their legs only when you make contact with their body. Hands snaking around to cup their calves. Other foot comes up wide enough so that you can swing their leg up without hitting your leg. Head up, ear tight, hips in. Now, shooting leg steps up and points 90 degrees to the other side. Squat up, head up, looking/turning to the side, which drives your head/shoulders into their ribs and sideways. At no point should you be picking them up, nor should your back be doing the bulk of the work. Swing their inside leg out and up (not pulling on the knee). They fall down, go boom.

I’m sure I didn’t explain it correctly, but the explanations he was giving and the analogies and physics suddenly just made sense. And the best part was that it worked.

Class was all drilling. My neck/shoulder were fine as long as I was moving, but once I stopped to talk to Janet after class, they tightened up again. I decided that rolling probably wouldn’t be very productive, so I headed home for another dose of Tiger Balm. Today it seems alright, though I ran into Big Tommy the chiropractor at the home improvement store today and promised to come see him next week; he knows exactly where that spot is and will have it fixed up in no time.


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