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The plans, they are a-changin’

on August 7, 2013

I left Friday afternoon to spend the weekend with my best friend and her family. My goddaughter is 11 months old and cute as anything. I stayed as long as I could on Sunday, and got home at midnight. So I took Monday off from work to do yardwork & housework and to cook. By Monday evening, I was exhausted again, so I skipped off practice.

Yesterday (Tuesday? I’m so confused), Andrew sent me a message saying that Jen’s friend was in visiting, and said friend is a similarly-sized purple belt female. Oh, and yesterday evening would probably be her last night here. *hint, hint* (I missed getting to train with her on Monday, though I likely wouldn’t have been worth anything anyway.) So my normal Tuesday plans changed to: pick up farm share, take home & process, speedily look through job sites, and get back for class. I had intended to spend a good bit of time going through job sites; the one place I’ve had interviews let me know yesterday that they weren’t moving forward with me. Also no cooking last night, which means I might be scraping along later in the week.

So, unexpected class. Jogging and all that jazz. Two-by-two is still not possible, so I did a long time on one side and then switched. On the wall for more warmup. I am so happy to be able to shrimp like a normal person.

Two rolls to continue warming up. Janet first, and then I got to roll with Margarita. That was fun. As I usually do with higher belts (and especially higher belt females), I was mostly watching what she was doing rather than doing too much myself except presenting opportunities. She was much like I want to be, assertive without being too aggressive — that is, she persistently worked, but she didn’t try to stubbornly stay with something and overpower me for it. And she wasn’t ever still; she was constantly looking to create small off-balancings using her grips and her hips. (I realized that I typically get to a position and then become fairly static). So that was loads of fun, and well worth the changing of the plans.

Drilling was the Toreando pass, the single-under stack pass, and the double-under stack pass. We drilled them “back and forth, like Knight Rider,” said Justin, and he was met with lots of blank looks. Oh, you young kids… Center, stand, Toreando to one side; center, combat base, single-under to same side; center, kneel, double-under to same side; center, kneel, double-under to other side; center, combat base, single-under to other side; center, stand, Toreando to other side. And then back.

(There was also, “When you pass, put down your right hip. Not your wrong hip, your right hip. Even if you’re going to the left, you still use the right hip, not the wrong hip.” Heh.)

Drilling for the rest of class, then the other ladies were heading out and I was already off the normal plan, so I left, too.

I was confused about what day it was yesterday; I’m bound to be even more confused today — two days of training in a row? But that’s not right

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My garden is determined to grow nothing but basil and baseball bats zucchini. I look out the window and suddenly there’s one giant zucchini poking out from under the leaves. I go out to get it, and there’s at least one other the same size. They grow big and they grow fast! It’s a good thing I like zucchini…


2 responses to “The plans, they are a-changin’

  1. Sarah says:

    I wrote this one down: she wasn’t ever still; she was constantly looking to create small off-balancings using her grips and her hips.

    Yep. Where I want to be. Great image.

    Also – I LOVE zucchini. I’ve been eating bucketloads lately.

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