“Persistence, not Stubbornness”

So creaky, sore, and tight everywhere. Meh.

Short warmup, though the pushups/burpees/squats at the end rapidly changed it into a “thorough” warmup.

Drilling: double-under pass, then added two possible chokes at the end. Then a drill moving from double-under, to cutting through, switching to single-under on the other side, then going back to double-under. Ugh, lots of knee twisting; did not like.

Andrew pointed out before this last drill that guard passing is about persistence, not stubbornness: that repeatedly doing the same pass over & over is just going to get it stuffed over & over, but that continuing to make attempts with different guard pass entries will eventually get you ahead in the game.

Open Mat after. I rolled about half a round with Ari, but I was too tired/creaky/sore/tight still to do too much, so I took myself off home. I was actually pleased with how early I got to bed, but then a thunderstorm at 3:30am woke me up and kept me up for a good while. *le sigh*

Heading to my best friend’s tomorrow for the weekend, so no class tomorrow night. (I wanted to make more Women’s Open Mats this year, but between the new knee injury and other plans, haven’t made a one yet. And there’s one in Va Beach this weekend… Well, they’ll keep having them, and I’ll get there eventually.) I have been guilted into morning classes again, though, so will start back to those next week, probably on Wednesday.


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