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“I’m gonna go choke people!”

on July 30, 2013

New guy at work today. As I left, he said, “Hope you have a good evening!”

I said, “Oh, I will — I’m gonna go choke people!”

I love the look of bewilderment on people’s faces. 😀

Two new women! One is Kelly’s niece, the other is Cathy’s friend.

Longer warmup than usual recently, but good and thorough. My knee starting talking to me, though, so I tried to pay extra attention to make sure it and the nearby muscles were all on the same page.

Drilling. Standing guard pass, then later added feeding straight in to a choke. I worked with Cathy’s friend Ruth while Jen worked next to us with Cathy. Ruth said a few things that let me know she’s interested in self-defense, so I made sure to tailor things to that. (Then later, she actually said, “I’m interested in self-defense,” so there ya go.) She, too, was worried about hurting me, though I kept telling her that it wasn’t hurting at all.

Second class was all rolling. (I’d hoped that Cathy and Ruth could stay to see it, but they had to leave.) Knee did well at first, and I was working on grips again and being assertive with them, since that’s at least something I can be assertive with at the moment. Even the whole rolling thing was more assertive, as much as it could be with constant thoughts of knees intruding. There were breaks between some rolls to drill 10/side of something, whatever Tim called out.

Last roll was with Guillaume (and may have been my last roll with him, as he’s moving to California [!!] later this week), and my foot got caught as I was passing the guard, and then my knee (yes, that knee) got twisted & I felt the impending doom approaching, and I had to exclaim, “Tap! Tap!” The knee was unhappy with me for the rest of the round (what, you didn’t think I’d actually sit out for that, did you? I’m not *that* bright.), but I managed to keep it mostly inactive and out of danger.

After the round, Guillaume reminded me that I had been the first person he rolled with here and that I had triangled him in about 10 seconds. And I told him that I had been worried immediately after doing that because most new guys would then have tried to break me in half. But he had just blinked at me and then come back with the same energy as before (rather than 200% more, as most would), and I had thought then, “I like this one! Let’s keep him!” I am sad to see him go. So wherever he ends up in California, you guys take good care of Ze Guillaume, yes? He’s one of the good ones.

Knee got some special treatment and rest last night, and it seems to be doing better today. It’s quiet, at least.


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