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Butterfly in the sky

on July 27, 2013

Very short warmup tonight. Knee did all the high-knees and heels-back. Did turn for side-to-side but stayed very high, and then didn’t do the two&two for those. (Sometimes I’m smart.) Did shrimp on alternating sides, though!

Drilling was knee-on-belly, switching knee-on-belly, then going to mount. Then added dismounting to knee-on-belly. Then added taking the back from there, if they overcommit. I worked with a new lady, Cathy, who’s been coming in this week. She’s so tiny, but she was so worried about hurting me. (That’s so sweet. But, no.) Even after Justin came over and demonstrated how much pressure I could take (ow! But, yes.), she was still hesitant to touch me. But then she kept telling me to put all of my pressure on her. (Er, sorry, lady, but I don’t want your guts exploding out of your face. Cuz a braced core you do not have.)

Drilling for a long time, then rolls in Open Mat after. I don’t know what seized me, but Operation Be More Assertive made some guest appearances. The knee did very, very well, and even managed to lift a butterfly hook up and halfway over (before Janet stuffed the sweep). It hasn’t been fond of lifting to this point.

I also did one round with Cathy. I had her start in mount, and told her to just stay up there. At first she fell over a lot, on even the tiniest bump, but eventually she started transitioning to the dismount that we had worked earlier and she remembered to go for my back when I presented it. I showed her how to finish the RNC from there — though I didn’t know that she didn’t know what a “tap” was, so she kept squeezing after I tapped. Ha! That’ll learn me…

I had a second phone interview with a company yesterday. So we’ll see where that goes…


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