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Rounds and rounds we go

on July 23, 2013

The Keurig at work decided that Monday morning was a perfect time to screw with me: Ask for 8oz coffee, get 2. Ask for 6oz (I managed to do a little bit of math), get 4. It did that to one of the managers, too, and he then took orders for coffee and left. The other manager claimed you just needed to do the Keurig Appeasement Dance, which involves open & closing the lid a few times and removing & readjusting the water pitcher. He said it seemed to be working fine after that.

Huge ginormous class last night. Good thing is that made all the around-the-mat drills super slow, as there was no room to move, and that meant I could actually give side-to-side a try — and it worked, so long as I didn’t try to bend my knee at all.

Drilling was a variation on the Toreando pass.

Second class opened with rolling. Because there were so many people, we rolled in two shifts. And then because we were rolling in two shifts, so everyone was getting a break between rounds, Tim had us just keep right on rolling for the whole class. The breaks were super helpful, too, because the weather is hot and humid.

The knee did well again, only having a few places where it did not like what we were doing (for example, it doesn’t like being used as a knee shield in half guard or any time I’m getting jerked around in guard). But I was so busy thinking about the knee during rolling that forgot to think about things like grips until Andrew reminded me later. Oh, yeah, those might be useful. But with the knee seeming to do better, maybe it’s time to start slowly adding more things back to the mix.


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