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Giant steps!!

on July 18, 2013

The knee felt fine/normal/nothing all day, and then as soon as I put my gi on, it started to have an opinion about everything.

But then class started with rolling to warmup and I wanted to see where the knee was, so I rolled. (Of course.) And it was not terrible. It was not entirely great, either, as several times the knee just said, “Nope, not doing that,” and so I had to find a way to extricate it from that position. I had to fight my tendency to do spaghetti leg thingies & butterfly hooks with that side and couldn’t load weight on it at all, and it wasn’t terribly fond of guard, but overall, it did well.

After four rounds, though, it was starting to be not terribly fond of anything. (I didn’t entirely mean to roll all four rounds, but I get caught up in the moment and just keep going and then I get to the end and think, “Oh, did I do all that? Oh, my.”)

Drilling next. A sweep from under side control that involved lots of bridging, transitioning to the armbar or bow-and-arrow choke after. Five minute rounds, as many as you could do. The knee did not like the armbar because it had to tuck, so I mostly worked the choke. I worked with Rob and his shiny new purple belt. He had to leave between the first and second set, though, which left me as the odd one out, but that was probably best for my knee. For the second set, I practiced the technique solo. (The good part is that my partner was never out of position. 😉 )

Open Mat after, but I took my questioning-everything knee and went home.


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