Small steps

This weekend I was huddling in a sweatshirt, trying to keep warm. Then yesterday was hot and humid. Lots of water breaks during class…

Warmup — I could lift my knees for a good while and pull my heels back for a shorter while. I did turn out so that knee was the “pushing” knee, though when I’d considered turning in, it said, “Nope!” Shrimping: 2 on the good side and then 1 on the knee side. Alligators: I went sloooooow and tall on that side (which, also, is awkward as anything because my brain wants to do it “right”), but managed. Even did single legs and single/sprawl, though slowly.

Drilling — side control escape again. Repetition is good. First, drilling the movements solo. My brain/body have a reflex going on which I assume is their attempt to protect the knee, and that is to sit up at random times. Did it during shrimping (??!!) and then again here while trying to drive the knee through. I couldn’t seem to stop myself from doing this, even though I knew it was horribly wrong. Anyway, drilled that with Gwen, going to both sides (!).

Drilling Rounds — side control escape and partner guard pass. Start with your partner in guard; they break/pass guard any way they want to side control; you do side control escape back to guard. Repeat for the entire time, then switch with your partner. Two sets of that. I couldn’t really lock my guard at all (bit of twisting that the knee didn’t like much), and was quick to get that knee out of the way so nothing would happen to it. Passing worked well with the knee, though there were a few times my body couldn’t remember which knee to move at which time.

Specific sparring — second class started with two rounds of side control escape vs. holding down. I debated sitting out, as it might have been the smarter option… but I think we’ve well established that I do not usually choose the smarter option. So I got out there, though it was quickly apparent that my body did not care to generate any power. Meh. Did notice that I have a lot of trouble just holding down from the top; I wanted to move around to mount, to north/south, to KOB, and had to remind myself to stay put.

Drilling — side control option on top when they bridge: turn to north/south and take the kimura.

Open Mat — everyone seemed to be tired and maybe dehydrated, despite the frequent water breaks with admonitions to drink a lot of water. (I had had to pause after the specific sparring round for some glucose tabs as my head was starting to hurt.) So though a few people rolled, most of sat and seemed to contemplate if we had enough energy to roll. I was torn between wanting to — the knee was feeling only a little achy — and convincing myself that I’d already done enough for one night. Intelligence got a 51% vote and carried the vote, so I took myself off home.

You know you haven’t been training a lot recently when the second set of coat hangers for your daily gis is covered with spider webs…


4 thoughts on “Small steps

  1. So glad to read about someone else trying to figure out rolling with a knee that is misbehaving. 🙂 Not glad you’re injured, of course! – just glad to know someone else is struggling with something similar.

    Gonna go pull my foot out my mouth now, kthx…

    • Lol, I know what you meant. (Though if you keep putting your foot in your mouth, it’s just going to twist that knee more;) )

      Actually, last year at the end of March, I sprained the MCL on my other knee and went through several long months of getting it back in shape enough to train. (Going to mount hurt.) So if you want to see what that whole process looked like, you can start in the archives in April 2012 and read forward.

  2. Haha!

    Do you know what you screwed up this time? I’m working on a ACL&MCL combo – probably one of my most frustrating experiences EVER. Five months later and I’m still not back to standing. Gragh.

    Do you do judo/standing martial arts? How long did it take to be able to do standup? I’m able to modify most things in BJJ okay, but not being able to take any weight or rotation standing really sucks!

    • I’m not sure; I haven’t been the doctor about it. (Haven’t had good experiences with doctors and my knees, so just decided to not go this time.) The pop came from the MCL side, but most of the discomfort is on the LCL side. (This is also the knee that previously had an LCL sprain, so.) But based on how quickly it’s working again, I’d go with slight MCL or LCL sprain.

      No, I don’t do any standup. Haven’t done any in a while. Used to do TKD (pre-BJJ) and then did the MMA classes until I got too much rage at being punched in the face. Heh.

      Standing’s rough on knees, what with all the turning.

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