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Good pops?

on July 13, 2013

Yesterday, the knee was doing so well and staying so quiet that when Justin called for us to jog it out, I forgot all about it and automatically jumped right in line with everyone else. I didn’t even realize until partway through the first lap! And when I did realize, I did a little happy jump as I jogged. Hurray, progress! However, when they continued with the normal sequence — knees up, heels back, side-to-side — I continued to jog. (Well, I did try the knees up, but the knee said that was too much impact, so back to jogging.) Baby steps, baby. Did what I could on the rest of the warmup, including forwards and backwards rolls, though I was careful to land without the knee bent, which, fyi, is totally awkward and weird.

Despite my care, though, by the end of the warmup my knee was aching; this time, on the inside rather than the outside as it usually has been.

Drilling reviewed the side control escape from Monday. This time, I did rotate in and get reps, and even tried one or two using the injured knee as the lead. On my first or second rep, as I recomposed guard, my right knee went pop! There was a stunned, anxious moment as Jen and I looked at each other and then at my knee. She was so worried that I’d hurt it again — but actually, this pop was a good pop, in that it relieved whatever pressure had built up during the warmup. My knee actually felt loose and happy after that for the rest of class, and it hasn’t hurt in that same spot since. (Got a little achy last night, but in the same way that it gets achy every night.)

They moved to sparring rounds for the second class. I stayed for a few minutes to watch the new, big collegiate wrestler. In his second round I saw him deliberately pull guard and try to work from there. !!!!!! So there’s likely hope for this one.


One response to “Good pops?

  1. trainingbjj says:

    Yes, I rolled with the wrestler on Saturday morning! He’s a beast on top, obviously. I was only able to catch him once, but Tim talked to him about how he was already good on top and needed to learn to work off his back. The guy had a really good attitude about it and immediately started working from his back and had me start on top for the rest of the roll. That’s always a good sign. Glad your knee is coming along really well!

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