I will not roll, I will not roll…

!!!! I got to class last night, and the knee felt — nothing. No pain. No ache. No twinges. Nothing. !!!!


But — I decided to be a smart, sensible, intelligent adult (yes, that’s a huge stretch for me) and relegated myself to the injured reserve again. Even when they started off with flow rolling for half an hour. Wanted so badly to be out there, but made myself sit. Well, stand & sit, actually, as I followed after whichever pair I felt would have the best jiu-jitsu to watch.

Then drilling was a slick half-guard pass to back take that I’d watched Tim do earlier on Tyler. I could do that just fine passing to the right… well, “fine” except that’s my stupid side, so it was all sorts of ugly. I did not try going the other way, even though the knee was not giving any negative feedback. Just trying to be smart. I could even let Gwen pass to both sides, either pinching my knee down or cutting over that leg. Progress!

I was given grief last night for not coming to morning classes this week. I pointed at my knee, and Andrew said, “But it’s drilling. And it’s half guard this month.” Hrm. Well. I could… yeah, I might could do that. Hrm. I’ve started to love having my mornings again, buuut… So there may be some pre-caffeine training starting up again next week.

Now that I’ve signed up for all the job board sites, I get lots of spam/recruiter emails. Here’s one from today:


I’m so glad to know that they care deeply about me as an individual (which, hilariously, is one of their selling points for why I should want to work for them).

WordPress is being weird about publishing this morning, ugh…


3 thoughts on “I will not roll, I will not roll…

    • Yeah, well, after the last knee injury — which took months until I could shrimp — I’m seeing every day as “I’m almost back! I’m almost back!” At least the healing is going so much quicker this time.

  1. I’m totally with ya! My knee is finally starting to get noticeably better, and so it takes everything I’ve got not to go running back! I know that’d be dumb.. but I’m still tempted. 🙂 Glad you’re doing better!

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