I shrimped!

Heh, it’s been so long since I wrote a post that I’ve almost forgot how…

I went back to class last night after 2 weeks off. I wanted to see what my knee would do, though I was also determined to be very cautious with it so that I didn’t injure it further. And it did wonderful. I didn’t wear a brace because I wanted to feel where the issues were. I’ve been testing it out at home, and it’s already way ahead of the knee injury last year. It doesn’t quite like being fully pulled in, heel to butt, but even without being warmed up well I can almost kneel on it (less than a finger’s distance), and by the end of the night I could fully kneel, though it did give a little token “Hey, I’m injured down here” protest. (The other one couldn’t bear to be in that position.)

And I shrimped. At the end of class, I did some bridging work, which I’ve been working on for the last week (no pain!), so I decided to just see how the shrimping might go. And it worked! Missing the last few inches, but it was a pain-free shrimp. The other knee took a full month before it let me shrimp.

I did the bits of the warmup that I could. Then they partnered up to work side control escapes, so I sat by Jen and the new girl and helped if needed. Mostly I practiced kneeling. I did do a couple of reps, using the new “good” knee to feed inside, but my body was very aware that it was supposed to be protecting a knee, and I think it was getting confused because it used to protect the other knee. So everything was all sorts of awkward.

Then they did specific sparring rounds, so I was smart and just sat. The first class carried over right over to the next class, and they kept up with the specific sparring rounds, which finally culminated in gi drags. So I alternately sat and stretched out my leg.

So, good, able to come back in. Won’t be too long, I’m thinking, until I’m back to everything. 🙂


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