Progress Report, June 2013

Well, this month had its share of highs and lows. Highs being the times when Operation Be More Assertive appeared to make progress. Lows being when OBMA wasn’t working, scoring zero points at the tournament, and popping my “good” knee in a heel hook. And that last one kind of derailed everything since…

I’ve been out for the last week applying Tiger Balm, heat, and Epsom salt baths regularly. I’ve also been using mobilizations from Becoming a Supple Leopard to that entire leg. Although the pop felt & sounded like it came from the inside (MCL), most of the pain and tightness since have been on the outside (LCL).

So far, the knee seems to be progressing much faster than the MCL tear on the other leg last year. This morning I was able to bridge and reach with only a little tightness — and no pain! — in that knee. I can also almost kneel; lacking just a few inches to sit back fully. I even accidentally sat down cross-legged yesterday, and the knee did not mind! Knee, you’ll be back to spaghetti legs before you know it.

I will stay off the mats for another week, though, so that I’m not tempted to throw away the current progress. (Also I have Thursday off and am taking Friday for the holiday, so I’m just going to rest and enjoy.)

In other news, I’ve been job searching rather half-heartedly for the last few months, kind of hoping that things would change enough here that I wouldn’t really have to. Well, instead they’ve changed the opposite way, so that I really do have to. I applied to a posting last night and, as of a few moments ago, I have my first phone interview scheduled for tomorrow. So we’ll see how that goes…


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