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"Be gentle, kind and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically." ~Sensei Keiko Fukuda

Pressing through

on June 18, 2013

Hot and humid again yesterday. (Raining all day today — that’s how it goes around here.) Feeling sluggish with so fewer carbs than normal.

Warmup. Around the mat, then on the wall. Forwards/backwards rolls still make me so blasted dizzy (but jumping up and down afterwards seems to help. I look silly, but I really don’t care.). Then we partnered up for grip-fighting rounds. Well, supposed to be rounds of getting the leg, but I did that so rarely that they were mostly grip-fighting. I was, at least, trying to go as hard as I could. By the start of the fifth round, I had little grip strength and no more legs. That round was all willpower.

But is the warmup finished? Oh, no, certainly not: gi drags. I finished my runs, and my whole body was trembling. I almost cried just simply because I was so very wrung out and exhausted. I felt a little lightheaded, and then the room started to slightly buzz, as if I had been nearly choked out. Oh, this is just lovely…. I had to ask Janet to get the glucose tabs from my bag (since I was pretty sure I couldn’t reliably stand up and walk), and I ate 3 or 4 of them right then.

We had a long break to recover (I was not the only one having problems afterwards), and then moved to drilling. Baseball bat choke. Just the slight level changes in the drill — side control, to KOB, to N/S — triggered the same lightheadedness as the gi drags and grip fighting had. So just focused on moving slowly. Janet and I also only did 2 reps at a time so we weren’t excessively choking each other; I still ended up with a whole lot of gi burn on the front of my neck this morning, though.

Rolling. The long and slow drilling (as well as the earlier glucose tabs) did help me to recover slightly, though I still had no grips or energy. Four rolls. Mostly just surviving, though there were some sweeps in there that I don’t usually manage to hit, so I have no idea what was going on there.

Guillaume was the final roll, and he was also exhausted. A few times, I attempted chokes that I usually finish, but I had no real grips and no muscles that were obeying orders, so I had to give up on them and move on. He commented that I must be tired because he knows he’s not unchokeable. So I armbarred him instead, lol. 😉 (But very slowly, because that was all I had.)

I sat around for a while after class, stretching and eating more glucose tabs. Probably not the best idea to eat so many when there is still weight to be cut, but I had to be able to drive home, at the very least. Once that was successfully managed, I treated my banged-up, sore, and exhausted body to a hot Epsom salt bath. Now that is some lovely stuff.


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