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Ongoing Omoplatas

on June 17, 2013

As I was driving in to class this morning, I saw a guy sprinting across an intersection with a weird floppy backpack. As I got closer, I realized it was Arkeif with his gi. So I pulled over to pick him up. His car was having issues, so he’d decided to run to class.

Short warmup. For some reason I couldn’t shoot or sprawl worth anything, meh. Then drilled armbar/triangle/armbar to get our hips moving, then the omoplata situp from the armbar to get our core engaging, and then finally the full omoplata from triangle (because it’s the bigger movement). Also drilled what to do if the opponent starts to roll.

Drilled for all of class, which was probably a good thing for an early Monday morning.

The shower only had two settings this morning — Lava and Arctic. Meh.


3 responses to “Ongoing Omoplatas

  1. I love reading your blog! Seeing that you have off days really helps when I have mine. We don’t have too many girls training, although we do have a girl that won Worlds a few weeks ago! Tanks for your updates!

    What belt are you?

    • leslie says:

      Sometimes it feels that I have more “off” days than “on” days, lol.

      I’m a blue belt; been training for over 5 years now.

  2. Same here with the off days. It seems when I take a week off I kick ass once I go back. My main issue is knowing if I’m actually getting better or if the guys are giving it to me. I’ve won a tournament and got 3rd in my first tournament, but its still hard to tell. I guess even in bjj we are still our own worst critics!

    I’m a 2 stripe white belt. Only been training for 9 months. But I love it!! Plus in 40 with 3 kiddos!

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