Cinnamon burps

Friday night – Nogi Fundamentals

Warmed up & continued class by drilling the cycle of guard break & pass to mount followed by upa back to guard. Drilled that for the whole class.

Rolls. Five? Seven? back-to-back-to-back with Jen and Lauren. I know it was an odd number because I started and ended with Jen. I had them start on my back for most rounds so I had to fight out of it. I really was tired by that last round, but Andrew pointed us at each other, so we went anyway. Started that round in Jen’s guard because I’d been having a really hard time breaking it. Still did.

I feel like the biggest failure at jiu-jitsu right now.

Saturday morning – Nogi Open Mat

Ugh. Put cinnamon in the sweet potato pancakes this morning (1/2 mashed sweet potato + 2 eggs). Kept burping it up all during practice. Blergh.

The ladies came in this morning to help me with standup type things again. Started with Jen for a round to warmup. Then we went on to working through some standup scenarios. Jen has a lot (a lot!) of actual standup fighting, so her clinch, head control, etc., are really strong. Justin came over shaking his head at some point, lol, and then showed me how to do it right. Lauren worked in with us, too.

Although I still feel that my standup is terrible, I do at least feel a little more confident in situations. I still feel like a failure at BJJ, though.

Jen and I finished with a round of breaking guard. She was able to see places where I wasn’t getting myself set up right for the basic guard break. As soon as I started incorporating those details, it worked a whole, whole lot better. Gah. Where’s this been for the last few years?!


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