Meet my jiu-jitsu

So humid last night, it felt like walking through water. Ugh. (Also in the 90s, so hot as well.)

Two new girls came in to train last night. One of them has trained before, down at LINXX in Virginia Beach; the other, her friend, has not.

Tim had us start off drilling a sequence of armbars, building off the overhook armbar and inverted armbar from Monday night and the two others that they did last night. I worked with the girl who had trained before while Jen worked with her friend. Drilling took most of class.

Rounds to finish up. I went first with the brand-new girl for two rounds, and just showed her some jiu-jitsu. She was great, as she kept stopping and watching, saying, “No, keep doing that — I want to learn what you’re doing.” Also, she was nailing the hand placement on that inverted armbar every. single. time. Just bam, spot above the elbow every. single. time. (*pout& I wish I could do that…)

Then a round with Bobby, and I was still in “meet my jiu-jitsu” mode, which is not a good place to be against that scrappy kid. He jumps on anything and everything that you leave out. Then Lauren, and still in “meet my jiu-jitsu” mode, with a little extra dose of side control and mount so she could work on framing & escapes. A final roll with the other girl, the one who’s trained before. Still in “meet” mode.

Lauren had a couple questions about half guard and side control/mount, so I worked with her on those. Then dragged my sweat-drenched body (and much bedraggled hair) back home.

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