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Pop Rocks

on June 11, 2013

My cousin got married on Sunday night. I got in late (and had had a little bit too much fun!), so I slept in with the rain on Monday morning.

Sore! Friday and/or Saturday training caught up to me, and I was hurting all day.

Evening class. Warmup. When we got to the on-the-wall drills, Tim had us doing pushups or squats at the end of each run. Then partnered up for standing grip-fighting rounds. He kept saying “One more! One more!” but there was more than one more. Oi.

I worked mostly to keep my head up, as Tim had mentioned on Saturday that I tend to look down (and so cause all the issues associated with that in my standing game & takedowns). Also tried to focus on being assertive here — my grips, not your grips, move them where I want. I don’t feel I was very effective with it, though.

Whee, arms, traps, and neck are feeling tired now…

Then we partnered up for gi drags. I had picked the one of the lightest guys in class, but while we were waiting our turn, someone absconded with my partner. I seriously considered grabbing Tim’s son Gage, who’s 60? 70? lbs, but I also knew that would not be looked on favorably. So I finally grabbed another light guy (possibly smaller than my first choice, even) and dragged him.

Just by the end of the warmup, I was toast. My biceps, forearms, quads, and calves felt like they were full of Pop Rocks — minor twitches that darted around the muscles and almost tickled… at the same time that they hinted of potentially major cramps. (Thankfully those never materialized.)

Drilling was an overhook from guard to armbar. Kind of tricky, as you had to get their thumb turned the right way (in this case, down) without being able to see it much. Other alternate endings were presented later and we worked those in, too.

Moving was hard during drilling. Body was sluggish and not thrilled when I asked muscles to do anything.

Rounds of rolling after. Crud. Could hardly defend myself, and could hardly move. Assertive? What’s that? Is it like “roll over and play dead”? Yes? Okay, good. So when class was officially over — even though it was earlier than usual — I sat around for a few minutes to rally my body and then headed home.


2 responses to “Pop Rocks

  1. He kept saying “One more! One more!” but there was more than one more. Oi.
    LOL. I have one that likes to do that. He yells, “Three more minutes guys! Three more minutes!!” Then six minutes later: “Two more minutes guys!! Come on, come on!”

    • leslie says:

      Yes! That, too! Though now we have a new fancy timer (with a remote!) so he generally uses that and there’s less, er, interpretation of the time remaining.

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