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“…because I have these bodybuilder thighs.”

on June 6, 2013

said the white belt, pointing to his legs (which appear to have never met a squat), in explanation of why he couldn’t do the technique.

“No, you don’t,” said Tim.

I fell out of my partner’s guard, I was laughing so hard.

(Even better that Will was in that group, too, and he does have “bodybuilder thighs” — and of course can do the technique.)

Rolling to warmup. Will and Lauren. With the former, not a lot of assertiveness from me, though plenty from him. With the latter, wanted to work the sweep from the morning, though she was falling back to guard, so switched to the ankle pick that we had also worked; some work on my setups and transitions.

Drilling was the same sweep to armbar from Monday. It required a little more coordination than my body seemed to have, though I did hit it beautifully a time or two. Drilled for the rest of class.

Open Mat time. Somehow Lauren and I ended up together several rounds in a row. But that was alright — I worked on that sweep and ankle pick from the morning and helped her work on some things, too.


3 responses to ““…because I have these bodybuilder thighs.”

  1. Sarah says:


    Coming from a white belt – we have no idea why things aren’t working (like, because we’re idiots) so we grab onto any theory we can.

    I mostly use the “I’m weak!” excuse.

    LOL. Until folks call me on my shit!

  2. Yusuf Bobat says:

    hey guys i wonder if you could help me, im 16. and i love bjj. ive been doing it for almost two years. my parents only let me train jits once a week,and obviously once a week is not enough, at all. if i had my way i’d be doing it every single day. i have like 3 really really good grapplers at my school, sometimes we roll. i have no brothers:( and i cant roll with my dad hes too busy, i do solo drills as much as i can. do you have any advice?

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