An ounce of assertiveness

Despite having a conversation with myself about all the reasons that I didn’t want to get up and go to class this morning, I still somehow managed to get dressed and over there.

Very short warmup, then a couple of rounds to continue. Completely non-assertive in the first round, but then started with the second round repeating, “Intentionally assertive.” Got the sweep, got the choke… and then all my assertiveness dissipated and I was back to being ineffective for the rest of that round and all of the next. Bah.

Then because I was the only one there who is competing soon, Andrew asked what I wanted to work. I picked “a sweep,” which we refined to a sweep when they get combat base. Turned out to be perfect for some of the issues I’ve been having, and not just from this position.

During drilling, though, I managed to catch a toenail somewhere and ripped off a good piece. Ugh. So that bad boy will be all taped up for a while.


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