Unintentionally non-assertive

Bah. Brain and body were not on the same page as I was last night, and I couldn’t get anything going. Also, I informed my body that we were going to do the tournament in 3 weeks, and it promptly gained 5 lbs. *eyeroll*

Warmup — oh, heavens, I hate humidity. Also, a gazillion people on the mat (I counted). What, is everyone in summer school? Little mincing jogging steps. Then on the wall for some drills, though the lines wrapped around nearly to the other end of the mats. Several rounds of standing grip work. Then grabbed a partner for gi drags. (Or was it the other way? There was a lot going on.)

Finally moved on to drilling: Justin’s favorite sweep from open guard, finishing with a bicep slicer or, later, an armbar. Drilling spilled over to the first half of the second class, as well.

Finished up with 3-minute rounds of rolling. Had to roll in two groups as there were far too many of us to all be on the mat at once. The time between should have been enough for me to get my head on straight, but I never did manage it. I could think about what I ought to be doing, but then could do nothing to make it happen. Argh. Also, I am apparently back to gift-wrapping my back. Why? I dunno, but I wish I would stop doing it; it’s annoying.


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