Missed it by *that* much

Last night at BJJ we had some non-BJJ excitement: during the Muay Thai/MMA class, a lady turned up into the parking lot but cut too sharp & popped up over the curb. It’s a tall curb there because it’s going up a hill, so she caught some air. She panicked and, instead of hitting the brake & reversing, she hit the gas. She swerved around the first 3 cars in the row but plowed into the rear corner of the 4th car, knocking it in to the 5th. Then she panicked again and started backing up, but stopped just short of hitting the 3rd car. Tim had just pulled up when it happened, so he saw the whole thing and came in to tell us.

The 5th car belonged to one of our teammates, so they had a not-fun night of dealing with insurance and the auto store (which is, fortunately for them, just around the corner). The 3rd car, which was missed twice by inches at the most, was mine.

Despite all the excitement in the parking lot, there was still class! (Though many of us were distracted by the on-going saga in the parking lot. And I kept checking to make sure the lady didn’t back into my car when she left. She didn’t.)

Hot. Wow, so hot. Everyone was warmed up without even trying, but we had a short warmup anyway. Then three rounds just to make sure we were all thoroughly exhausted. I had moments of Assertiveness, but found myself often slipping in to just rolling, with my usual give-and-take (which is generally often just “giving” on my part). And it was so hot that I just let it go (though I did have one sweet guard pass to KOB to armbar that I insisted on getting and finishing, and it was purty).

Drilling was standing guard pass. Then in Open Mat, rolled with Lauren for a while. (We planned to roll for just one round, but then someone turned the timer off at some point, so I don’t know how long we did go.)

We had a visiting purple belt last night, JM from Charlotte (I think). He was going to be passing through the area, so decided to make us the midway point so he could train with us at night and then go on in the morning. (Hrm, not a bad idea if I ever need to travel again.)


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